Meet our Baby Massage Instructors

We have two tremendous Baby Massage Instructors at Mama2shape!

Jelena has been teaching for us since March 2018, and Lynn joined our team in July 2019.

I had a super chat with each of these lovely ladies, so I could find out more about them and so they could help enlighten us as to why Baby Massage is such a brilliant thing!


baby massage infant massage Fareham Whiteley Hampshire Southampton Portsmouth

Hi Jelena!

Hi Kat!

So, you are a Baby Massage Instructor. What are your qualifications?

I was trained by Academy of Infant Massage and Yoga To Baby and Beyond, whose course is accredited by the IPTI, RCM, IICT and the CPD Standards Office.

Wonderful! So what made you choose to become an Infant Massage Instructor?

I heard about and experienced Baby Massage for the first time when my youngest child was six weeks old and our local health visitor was running weekly classes to teach first time parent how to massage their baby/babies. 

Baby Massage Whiteley Fareham baby massage infant massage Fareham Whiteley Hampshire Southampton PortsmouthIn each session that I attended, I got to communicate with other parents and had a reason to get out of the house (which can be very hard, especially after being up all night).

I was attending each session to learn the strokes, and my son enjoyed it when I massaged him at home. Much later, when I had my second son, he had problems with trapped wind, and I started to search for help. I was referred back to Baby Massage. 

I realised that Infant Massage is good, not only for the relationship between parent and baby, but also helps with colic, improves sleep, and calms the baby. Now when both of my boys are older, I am ready to become somebody else, not just a mother, so I have decided to teach my own classes and share my knowledge with others. I strongly believe in and value the early relationship between parents/carers and their babies. I feel that Baby Massage is perfect to promote the bond between them, through teaching loving touch and positive emotions and communication.

That sounds great! You touched upon the fact that Baby Massage helped your sons feel calm and also with colic and sleep. What other benefits does Infant Massage give a baby?

baby massage infant massage Fareham Whiteley Hampshire Southampton PortsmouthOh so many! Well, along the same lines as colic, Baby Massage also provides relief from constipation and helps stimulate babies’ digestion. Relief from teething pain can also be found and we massage babies’ faces and also reflex points on the feet that amazingly can help with this. Babies also love this, by the way, and we have tons of giggles!

Massage improves circulation, and therefore increases the flow of oxygen throughout the baby’s body, boosting the immune, digestive and nervous systems and helping keep all the cells in the body healthy.

Wow! Baby Massage sure sounds good for babies. No wonder it has become so popular. You also mentioned that you massaged your baby at home. How did that work?

It’s such a nice thing to do together on a regular basis. It is just the sweetest feeling to have that part of the day when you focus completely on each other. The massage can be done at any time of day, but infant massage as part of a bedtime routine can help get your baby used to the rhythm of wakefulness during the day and sound sleep at night.

So is Baby Massage good for Mamas as well?

Yes, absolutely! Baby massage is definitely not just for babies, it is all about sharing it with your baby! 

There is lots of buzz about oxytocin, ‘The Love Hormone’ which is naturally produced in both parent and baby during skin-to-skin contact. There is a reason that oxytocin has it’s nickname, it promotes feelings of happiness, relaxation and bonds two people together. As a caregiver, massaging your baby can contribute towards your secure, positive attachment to each other and life-long emotional well-being for your child.

Thanks Jelena, this sounds so wonderful!

Jelena teaches Baby Massage on Wednesdays at 11am at Sarisbury Green Community Centre, near Park Gate, Hedge End and Whiteley. If you’d like to join us on a Baby Massage course with Jelena then head over to the bookings page.


Baby Massage PortchesterHi Lynn!

Hi Kat, how are you?

I’m great thank you! It’s so good to have you on board and to be able to offer another Baby Massage course on the Mama2shape weekly timetable! When and how did you qualify in Baby Massage, Lynn?

I qualified as a Teacher of Developmental Baby Massage and Movement in September 2007, under the direction of Peter Walker.

Ooh so you have been qualified quite a while then! 

Yes, actually I have been working with local parents and babies for over 30 years!

Baby Massage PortsmouthThat is marvellous, what areas have you worked in?

I have a background in Nursing and Health Visiting, plus I have been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2005.

So how does Baby Massage fit in to this?

The infant massage techniques and strategies have been complementary to my skills within breastfeeding and parenting support for feeding issues,  developmental progress, minor ailments and relaxation for mum and baby.
It sounds like with your Baby Massage instructing skills as well as your knowledge of new mums and babies, you have really helped a lot of people! I think this makes you very valuable as an Infant Massage Teacher! Do you bring all your extra knowledge to the Baby Massage class?

Yes absolutely! As well as learning and practicing massage techniques in the group setting, there is always opportunity during the session to share parenting issues and discuss strategies to manage the highs and lows of those early months.

That’s excellent! We are lucky to have you!

Lynn teaches Baby Massage on Mondays at 1.30pm at High Slopes Community Centre, in Portchester, near Portsmouth, Port Solent, Fareham, Lee-on-the-Solent and Stubbington. If you’d like to join us on a Baby Massage course with Lynn then head over to the bookings page.

Mama2shape also runs Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Baby & Mum Yoga, and Mums & Movers Yoga classes. Online video and audio recordings are available to guide and relax you through pregnancy, labour and birth.