Baby Yoga

More and more parents and schools are realising the amazing benefits that yoga has for their children. Yoga Shapes baby, toddler and kids yoga are dynamic, fun, relaxing, age appropriate yoga classes for little ones! 

  • Yoga Shapes Baby Yoga (0-1 years)
  • Yoga Shapes Toddler Yoga (1-3 years)
  • Yoga Shapes Kids’ Yoga (4-7 years)


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‘YogaShapes’ Baby Yoga (0-1 year)

Baby yoga is based on the same principles as adult yoga; breathing, stretching and relaxation. Each class helps babies discover their bodies and abilities, developing new skills and awareness. Parents also practise some gentle yoga stretches and get the chance to experience joint guided relaxation with baby.

  • Teaches you techniques to settle your baby
  • Gives you time to enjoy your baby and encourage their individuality
  • Promotes communication between you and your baby and strengthens your bond
  • An opportunity for support from peers during class and also if you decide to stay for tea after class. A chance to make new friends.
  • Strengthens babies’ bodies
  • Stimulates digestion and prevents colic
  • Contributes to the development of babies’ motor skills and helps them progress from reflex to voluntary movements
  • Helps babies connect with their senses
  • Touch, movement and tactile stimulation promotes visual, brain and nervous system development
  • Improves babies’ sleep patterns
  • Soothes babies, laying the neurological foundations for healthy self-regulation, increasing babies’ ability to cope with future challenges
  • Encourages their social development
  • Gives them enjoyment, laughter and fun

Kat Frost can teach Baby Yoga classes for you and your baby as individuals or you and your group of mum and baby friends! This can take place at your home or in the Mama2shape Yoga Studio. Get in touch for availability and a quote.

Yoga Shapes Kids’ Yoga (4-7 years)

As children get older, their yoga can become more advanced and most of the yoga in a class for this age group will be the same as ‘grown up’ yoga. However, the presentation is still in fun, narrative form, with learning opportunities about animals and the world through the themed classes. Parents are welcome to join in or watch. See more in the video below.


Currently, Yoga Shapes Toddler and Kids’ yoga is available as privately arranged classes either at your home / venue / or the Mama2shape yoga studio.

Yoga Shapes Baby Yoga (0-1 year) is also available privately, and a group class runs on Mondays at 10-11am at the Mama2shape yoga studio in Park Gate, near Whiteley, Hampshire.

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