Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a beautifully relaxing and bonding course which you can enjoy with your baby from newborn. You will learn soothing massage techniques which you can easily incorporate into a bed-time (or other time) massage routine.

There is much research which shows how important touch and joyful interaction is for the brain development of babies and the promotion of healthy attachment.

Skin-to-skin contact between parent and child naturally produces oxytocin, also known as ‘the love hormone’.  Connecting with your baby through massage can contribute towards this healthy attachment and set the foundations for your child’s emotional well-being. For mums with postnatal depression, baby massage can improve positive interactions between mum and baby and promote a sense of serenity.

Massage improves your baby’s circulation, boosting their immune system and increasing the flow of oxygen throughout their body. The digestive system is stimulated and strengthened and this can provide relief from colic, gas and constipation. 

The infant massage strokes can also provide your baby with relief from other common ailments such as teething, as well as generally relaxing them, helping them to feel calmer and more settled. Baby Massage helps to improve sensory and body awareness, strengthening the nervous system, and contributing to neurological development.

Over the weeks, you will build and repeat your massage routine, learning strokes for legs, back, tummy, chest, arms and face and you will feel confident taking the techniques home with you. You may like to incorporate the massage into your baby’s bed-time routine to help signal to them that it is time to sleep and encouraging the rhythm of being awake in the daytime and asleep at night. The baby massage routine can also work well at other times of the day, depending on what suits your baby.

The classes are a great opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other mums, and get tips from our knowledgeable infant massage instructors on how to soothe and settle your baby. Mama2shape classes are renowned for being a safe, supportive and non-judgemental place in which to make friends in a relaxed and homely environment. Suitable for newborn to crawling.