Baby Massage

Baby massage was introduced around thirty years ago in neonatal wards to support the development of premature babies. A study in 2004 found that babies who were massaged spent less time in hospital, scored better on developmental tests and had fewer postnatal complications. As baby massage has increased in popularity, many parents have found that it is a great way to bond with the baby, allow them to become more confident in handling their child and better at recognising their needs.

Benefits of baby massage

  • Improves babies’ sleep patterns
  • Promotes good digestion, easing gas, constipation and colic
  • Can relieve discomfort from teething and congestion
  • For mums with postnatal depression, baby massage can increase their sense of well-being, and improve positive interactions with her baby.
  • Relaxes babies so they feel calm and happy
  • Improves circulation and increases oxygen and nutrient flow to cells
  • Enhances immune system function
  • Helps to improve sensory and body awareness
  • Contributes to neurological development
  • Provides a special time of bonding and communication that nurtures love, compassion, and respect