Cruiser Yoga

Cruiser Yoga (Crawling –  24 months)

An interactive yoga class between caregiver and child, this fun class is a fabulous bonding experience which gets kids and parents active and introduces children to key ideas in yoga.

The class develops key skills in

  • listening and following instructions, including visual and verbal cues,
  • mind-body awareness and connection, developing co-ordination, balance and fine and gross motor skills,
  • physical strength, flexibility and fitness
  • confidence in themselves, individuality, empathy and positive associations with their body
  • language development as well as a sense of rhythm, movement and dynamics
  • ability to feel calm, experience relaxation and eventually to be able to draw on these techniques to self-soothe and manage emotions into later childhood and adulthood.

Parents are invited to join in or simply watch their child enjoy a class which keeps yoga fun by adding narrative, characters and ideas that children will enjoy. See more in the video below.

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