Online Prenatal Yoga

Congratulations on your Pregnancy and I feel so happy to welcome you to your Pregnancy Yoga journey! It will be the best thing you can do during pregnancy for yourself and your baby, and will promote your wellness and happiness at this precious time!

I’m Kat, a Yoga Teacher for fourteen years, and a mum of one rambunctious three year old! I have developed informative, easy to follow, Pregnancy Yoga courses for you, that you can enjoy at your own pace, in your own time.

Each Pregnancy Yoga class contains an abundance of delicious movements and stretches along with hypnobirthing breathing and visualisations. Joining me for Prenatal Yoga will give you valuable tools to prepare for an empowered birth, and naturally manage pain during labour. Throughout pregnancy yoga will help improve your posture, gently build your strength, melt away aches and pains and reduce stress, so you feel your best during this precious time.

Recorded Pregnancy Yoga classes that you can enjoy around your own unique schedule

I taught a 20 minute FREE Pregnancy Yoga Taster Class on Instagram

Here is the class…! It is best viewed on a tablet or phone so you can rotate the screen.

Try this recorded 35 minute Pregnancy Yoga class, and 11 minute Relaxation for Pregnancy which will give you an idea of my style of teaching.

I’m really enjoying online pregnancy yoga with Kat during these strange times. I’m finding that it helps me sleep better and Kat’s instructions are clear and give the flexibility needed according to different stages of pregnancy and different body types. It’s a great way to keep moving and keep grounded in the midst of the weirdness that is being pregnant in 2020.

Jess, Live Online Pregnancy Yoga, Spring 2020

I love doing Kat’s live pregnancy classes online. They really help me stay focused on me and my baby, and I always sleep so much better that night!

Kelly, Live Online Pregnancy Yoga, Spring 2020

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Prenatal and postnatal yoga

Kat x