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Whether they are in-person classes or accessed via my Online Prenatal Yoga Studio… here are all the details of the deliciousness that Pregnancy Yoga can bring to your life!

Pregnancy Yoga classes safely keep your body supple and strong, soothe away aches and pains and keep your mind calm and relaxed, promoting a healthy, happy pregnancy and birth

Mama2shape Pregnancy yoga classes will take you through poses and sequences based on traditional hatha yoga. This is precious time you can spend nurturing yourself and celebrating your growing baby.

💙 Feel more comfortable during pregnancy…

Prenatal yoga will help release muscular and emotional tension from your body, and increase circulation, relieving general aches and pains as well as reducing back, shoulder and hip pain. Yoga helps you improve and maintain good posture (even as your bump grows bigger), and improves the flexibility and tone of your muscles, reducing strain on your body. Practising yoga during pregnancy can help reduce pregnancy niggles such as discomfort caused by symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), sciatica, restless legs, indigestion and breathlessness.

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💙 Feel happier during pregnancy…

Each of my full-length classes, whether in-person or online, includes relaxation and breathing techniques to lessen anxiety and to promote a calm, peaceful, uplifted mood. Deep guided relaxation and visualisations with positive affirmations allow you to bond with your unborn baby, take some time to nurture yourself, and experience delicious moments of peace.

💙 Manage labour better…

Tips for an active labour and birth are given throughout, along with movements and positions that help get baby into optimal position for ease of birth and keep things moving in labour. You will learn breathing, visualisation and hypno-birthing techniques to use during labour for pain management and to allow you to enter a calm, relaxed and blissful state.

💙 Better postnatal recovery…

An antenatal yoga practice helps you develop a stronger and more supple body which will cope better during labour, birth and postnatal recovery. Simply practising yoga will tone your pelvic floor and you will also learn specific exercises to achieve this. A toned pelvic floor will recover more quickly after the pressure of pregnancy and birth, eliminating postnatal problems such as incontinence. You will also learn how to relax your pelvic floor, which is essential for birthing your baby.  

Prenatal yoga

💙 In-person classes are kept small which allows for bonding as a group, helping you meet local mums-to-be and develop supportive friendships. The small group size also allows me to modify practices to suit the needs of all participants meaning that the classes are very safe and effective. Although currently plans for in-person classes are up in the air, please check back, feel free to email (, or follow on social media @mama2shape on Instagram / Mama2shape on Facebook to stay updated.

💙 New motherhood is one of the times of life that really allows us to expand our social circles and to find support from others also enjoying this special time of life, whether it be in the face-to-face classes or in the exclusive Members Facebook group, Mama2shape Members Hub helps you continue to grow your bond as a group..

💙 Most mums-to-be prefer to wait until after the first trimester to come to yoga class, but the classes are safe for all stages of pregnancy, and you are welcome any time! You can attend classes right up to the birth of your baby!

💙 Many of my face-to-face mamas rebook subsequent in-person courses, and you can keep your membership to the Online Prenatal Yoga Studio going throughout your pregnancy too.