Birth Preparation Workshops

Mama2shape is Hampshire’s leading provider of Pre and Postnatal yoga, education and birth preparation. A range of classes, workshops and retreats provide support for women throughout this unique, amazing, beautiful, transformational time of life!

Our birth preparation workshops are ideal for pregnant women and their birth partners looking for an all encompassing birth education programme – it is created and taught alongside expert, experienced midwives.

Uniquely, this workshop combines the best in yoga and meditative practices, perfect for helping during birth – including specific breathing techniques, positions and movements, and mindfulness and relaxation techniques – along with detailed scientific information about the actual processes of birth and midwifery protocols and guidelines.

Essentially, we cover EVERYTHING you need to know to prepare for birth, including:

  • How do I know labour has started?
  • The stages of labour
  • What is a contraction? Why is my body doing this? Techniques to cope
  • The role of hormones
  • Importance of the positive feedback loop
  • Using the breath, yoga positions and mindfulness
  • Discussions about possible interventions and the reasons for these
  • How to make decisions and give meaningful informed consent in the moment – and the importance of this
  • Pain relief options, natural and medical
  • Essential birth partner tips – what to do, when
  • The early days with your newborn, what to expect

This course is designed to help both you and your birth partner understand what your body is doing when birthing, and how you can help the process along. It is fundamental to have a clear understanding of this so you can work with your body and be able to navigate any challenges that may come up along the way. It’s also important for your birth partner to understand all of this to enable them to fully support, encourage and hold a safe, protective space for a birthing mother.

Next date is Saturday March 4th, 2-6pm.

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