Pre-Pregnancy Preparation

If you are trying to get pregnant, then it’s important to look after yourself. Eat healthily, exercise gently and RELAX!

Welcome! I’m Kat, a Yoga and Pilates Teacher for fourteen years, and as well as running Mama2shape which focuses on Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, I also run Kat Sara Yoga, which is Yoga and Yogalates (a mix of Yoga and Pilates) for anyone who is trying for a baby, or is postnatal (well yes, you are always postnatal after you have had a baby, and many of my Kat Sara Yoga members had their babies years ago!) and the classes can be for men too! So get your partners involved!

Yogalates is a flowing mix of yoga and Pilates designed to strengthen and tone your entire body.

You will build a new awareness of your pelvic floor and core muscles, increasing their muscular health, and you will learn to move with grace and balance throughout daily life.

Yogalates helps to link your mind, body and breath, and will encourage a peaceful state of mind that will stay with you even after you leave the mat.

Kat Frost does the Pilates exercise 'swimming'. She is on hands and knees with one arm and one leg outsretched.

These classes are suitable for men and women of all levels and you do not need any previous experience of yoga or Pilates.

They are not designed for women during pregnancy but are excellent if you are postnatal, and are a chance for you to enjoy a little bit of me-time, so you can bring your best self back to your baby!

You can become a Yogalates Member and for only £22 per month where you will enjoy access to the entire library of full length )50-60 minute long yoga or yogalates classes, with a new one being added EVERY week! The button below will take you over to my Kat Sara Yoga website where you can become a Member!