Park Gate

The Mama2shape Yoga Studio is a beautiful and comfortable home studio in the heart of Park Gate, Hampshire, and full address details are given upon confirmation of booking.

We are easily accessible, on the ground floor, with toilet facilities also on the ground floor, and free parking provided by the Park Gate Shoppers Car park, or free residential street parking.

Soft carpet gives the studio a luxurious feel and is very forgiving to joints – i.e. when kneeling or lying on the floor.

Yoga Studio Locks Heath, Park Gate, Southampton, Portsmouth

The yoga studio is easily accessible from…

Locks Heath

Simply head up Locks Road! Mama2shape classes used to be held at the Genesis Centre, and before that, at Lockswood Community Centre. We are pleased to now be able to offer a much more beautiful and comfortable venue in the form of a home studio, only a mile away from our original venues.


We are less than a mile from Whiteley, and on foot, there is a great cut-through near Calabrese on to Botley Rd.

By car, you can access Botley Rd via Yew Tree Drive, or the Segensworth roundabout.

The comfortable and luxurious home studio offers a great alternative to places such as Meadowside Leisure Centre, and gives classes a homely feel which fosters friendliness.


Use the motorway and come off at junction 9, or travel through Titchfield and along Huntspond Rd.

Bursledon & Hedge End

Come via the A27 (Bridge Rd) or the Motorway and come off at junction 9.


Join the A27 and head to the Segensworth roundabout or head down Longacres on to Huntspond Rd.


Simply head down Botley Rd to Park Gate.

Titchfield & Stubbington

Go along Huntspond Rd to Park Gate.

Swanwick Train Station

We are a stones throw from Swanwick train station! Just head up Duncan Rd.


You can use the motorway and leave it at junction 9, or you can travel down the A27 directly to Park Gate.


It would be easiest to use the motorway and pull off junction 9,  or you could come via the A27 through Fareham.

Private classes in your own home are available in these and other nearby locations too.