Terms of Booking

We are delighted to have you on one of our prenatal or postnatal yoga, baby massage or baby music courses and thank you for choosing Mama2shape.

Please read the Terms of Booking before making your payment and confirming your course.

Mama2shape Terms of Booking

  • Payments must be made in full and in advance before the course begins.
  • Prices given for parent and baby classes are for one adult and one child. If you intend to bring another adult or another child then you must consult Kat first, and additional cost my be incurred. Twin babies do not incur an extra cost, unless another adult is attending.
  • Once you join a course, your place will be preliminarily reserved for you on the next course at the same time on the same day and you will be given a deadline for payment to confirm this place. Payments must be received by the deadline or your place on the subsequent course cannot be guaranteed.
  • Payment must be received for the entire course, even if you will be missing any classes. This is because places are limited and your place is reserved for the entire course.
  • If you do miss a class then every effort will be made to accommodate you in another class on the timetable in order to make up your missed class. This must happen in the same course period.
  • Kat reserves the right to change the time and day of the course and in this extremely unlikely event, will give as much notice as possible. A refund will be offered if you can’t attend at the new time.
  • If Kat needs to cancel a class she will give as much notice as possible and an alternative date will be provided, usually on a subsequent week and at the same time and day as the class that was cancelled.
  • Finally, please feel free to feed and change your baby during the classes as needed!
  • Enjoy your classes, this special time for yourself and to bond with your baby, and have fun!