Prenatal Studio Members Area

Class Four Shoulders, Back, Chest and Heart – 60 mins

Breathe deep, improve lung capacity (especially good when baby is invading your rib cage!) relieve anxiety, and melt away back and shoulder tension.

The energetic focus is the heart, tuning in to your blossoming mothering heart with a baby bonding mediation and deep relaxation.

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Class FiveNeck, Shoulders and Upper Back – 55 mins

Soothe away tension from your upper body and focus energetically on the throat chakra, the energy centre located in the throat, and the source of your effective communication.

As a mama-to-be it is essential to be able to communicate your needs, and effectively gain social support and discourse, and of course, also to melt away that pesky upper back pain!

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Class Six – This is a dreamy, uplifting class with a strongly grounding finish, to leave you feeling a supreme sense of peace along with safety and security in your body and mind.

Energetically we connect with the higher chakras located in the head which form your attunement with others and intuition, something wonderful to develop as a new mama!