Private Classes

Private classes and personalised programmes in…

Yoga, Pilates, Mum & Baby Yoga Classes and Pregnancy Yoga classes are the perfect way to enjoy an exercise programme to meet your unique needs.

Kat will tailor your practise to YOU, and a private class is ideal if you have any medical issues, injuries or special circumstances. Maybe you have a brand new baby, less than six weeks and you need a yoga programme specific to the very early days of your postnatal recovery, or maybe your baby is older and moving around a bit too much for Mum & Baby Yoga class.

You can also enjoy private classes as a family or with your group of friends.

You might like to have private classes regularly or as a treat.

A yoga class is a great idea for a baby shower as Kat can adapt the class to suit both pregnant and non-pregnant participants.

Kat is also a trained Children’s Yoga Teacher and can offer group children’s classes and birthday parties.

There a few ways in which Private Yoga classes can work:

  • Private tuition from Kat in your home
  • Online private tuition from Kat
  • Private tuition from Kat in another arranged venue (maybe more suitable if the private group is larger)

Please get in touch on Let’s chat about your requirements and how yoga can help!