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I’m Kat and I have practised yoga since I was in my early teens and have been teaching yoga for fifteen years.

I was inspired to become a qualified Pregnancy Yoga teacher in order to ensure that pregnant students joining my classes were practising safe and effective yoga, and it was then a natural progression for me to train to teach Postnatal, Mum and Baby and Family yoga. After teaching Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga and Pilates classes alongside my regular classes for nine years, I set up Mama2shape in 2017 following the birth of my first child as a specialised provider of education and support for prenatal and postnatal women, covering birth preparation, antenatal education, hypno-birthing, pregnancy yoga, postnatal mum and baby yoga and emotional support for women.

I hold the following relevant qualifications

  • ISHTA System Yoga Teacher Training, Rachel Zinman, Byron Bay, Australia, 2006
  • ISHTA System Advanced Adjustments, Rachel Zinman, Byron Bay, Australia, 2007
  • Teaching Yoga to Children, Yoga Campus, London, UK, 2008
  • Teaching Pregnancy Yoga, Yoga Campus, London, UK, 2008
  • Pilates, FutureFit Training, Southampton, UK, 2010
  • Teaching Postnatal, Baby and Family Yoga, Yoga Campus, London, UK, 2011
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education, University of Brighton, Brighton, UK, 2016

Through my Online Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga programmes, I’m going to prepare you both physically and mentally, so that the huge life event of growing and birthing your baby is something about which you feel excited and ready. Then, through yoga I shall help you gently recover from birth, rebuild your strength, and enhance the beautiful bond that you share with your baby.

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Prenatal and postnatal yoga

Kat x

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