Six Week Postnatal Yoga Course

Hello! Welcome to the Online Postnatal Yoga Studio which contains a course of six full length classes, plus a bonus class recorded live!

You can take the classes consecutively, but you don’t have to! Each class contains toning, strengthening and flexibility improving yoga for your entire body, while focusing more in depth on a particular area of the body, such as legs and hips, or a focus for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Feel free to repeat classes as many times as you wish, pause, rewind, take breaks etc.

These classes are suitable for your and your baby once they are past six weeks old and you are past six weeks postpartum and have had your six week check up from a doctor.

Make sure that any damage to the perineum is fully healed and if you have had a Caesarean birth that you are fully healed before beginning yoga. In participating in these classes, you confirm that you have had your six week check and gained permission from your doctor for you and your baby to practise yoga.

Always listen to your body, and never do anything that does not feel right. Follow your baby’s cues and if they are unhappy or resisting you in any of the baby yoga practises then do not continue. Remember you are responsible for your own actions, and for your baby. Like any form of exercise, yoga carries with it a risk of injury and in participating in these classes, you assume all risk to yourself and agree you are participating at your own risk and voluntarily in the techniques shown in these videos.

Congratulations on your new arrival and for taking this time to nurture them and yourself! Enjoy the classes!

Class 1

‘Earth Connection’ … This is a grounding class which focuses on legs, hips and lower back for you, and feet and legs for baby. It is a wonderful foundational class to give you improve your strength, and give you and emotional sense of stability and safety.

Class 2

‘Sacral Chakra Flow’ … This class focuses on the pelvic and hip area for you, and on the hip and tummy area for baby. It is a flowing class with a theme of water, as this is the energetic element associated with the Sacral Chakra in the yogic philosophy, the energy centre located in the pelvis which is to do with our passion, desires, and creativity and undergoes huge energetic changes during pregnancy and birth. Of course, physically this area undergoes much change too, and this class helps to re-stabilise the pelvis and melt away aches and pains in the hips, sacro-illiac area (where the spine meets the pelvis) and lower back.

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

Bonus Class

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