“I bought your Prenatal Yoga Programme when I was six months pregnant and found the classes a wonderful addition to my week, choosing the one that suited my mood and the way my body was feeling best. I had an alloted ‘yoga time’ which I did mostly stick to, but was very grateful for the flexibility that having the classes recorded gave me. I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl two weeks ago, and can honestly say that the breathing techniques are MAGIC! I used them throughout with only a bit of gas and air from 9cm dilated. Thank you SO much! I will get the postnatal programme in a few weeks!”

“Well produced classes with clear instructions. I did loads of yoga before I was pregnant and needed some classes to keep me safe during pregnancy. I love the sequences and adaptions Kat has made to traditional yoga.  I’m feeling good and confident about birth! Well recommended.”

“I’ve been using the OM sounds to settle my baby and we have been doing bits of baby yoga that I learned from the classes before bed. I love it as part of the bed-time routine and she has definitely been settling quicker, and is more comfortable in her tummy too. So glad I found your classes, Kat, thank you!”

“I bought the Postnatal Yoga classes a few weeks ago and me and my 5 month old baby LOVE them. They are perfect for lockdown and I’ve been doing a class (almost) every day. Perfect activity for us, relaxed, fun, and I feel really good after. Thank you x”

“Thank you for the online pregnancy yoga. It’s not an exaggeration when I say I was ecstatic when I found your yoga classes online. I thought I might not be able to find quality pregnancy yoga classes this time around because of our world situation, but I have. And the payment by donation is a great idea because it makes it affordable for me. THANK YOU!” 

“I used many of the moves and positions whilst in labour and found the breathing techniques Kat taught us invaluable, it made such a difference to my birth experience! I can’t wait to start my postnatal baby yoga classes!”

“I can fully recommend Kat’s yoga classes. She is an excellent teacher and works very hard to bring accessible pre-natal and post-natal yoga classes to new mums”

“Kat’s online Zoom pregnancy yoga classes that I attended during the first lockdown were great. She made it an enjoyable experience and the techniques for labour definitely helped me! I was lucky enough to be able to attend in person Mum & Baby classes and with lockdown 2.0, will continue these via Zoom for now. Me and my little one are also getting a lot out of the recorded Postnatal classes that Kat has made and I thank her for her hard work! x”

“Kat is a fantastic and knowledgeable yoga teacher who always offers great adjustments to suit your particular needs. I did pregnancy yoga with Kat, which really helped to relax me, and she offered great adjustments for the SPD I was suffering from as well as to minimise risk of diastasis recti with my twin pregnancy. My twins also did toddler yoga with her and thoroughly enjoyed the creative stories, movements and rhymes. I’ve now moved out of the area but I still do Kat’s YouTube classes which are a very convenient way to fit yoga in to my day. The instructions are clear and she offer’s a wide variety of different routines to soothe aches and pains in my body and increase flexibility. Highly recommended!

“Thank you so much for making Pregnancy Yoga accessible. It’s been so helpful with the mounting costs of having a baby to pay what I could for yoga, and I am so glad I did!”

“I’m so happy I found your online prenatal yoga! I’m 25 weeks pregnant and your yoga is making a huge difference to my life. I’ve been doing your classes weekly and feeling so much better for it. Thank you for such a great course!”

“A couple of my pregnant friends recommended your online pregnancy yoga course. I’m due in 2 weeks and I am finding the  hypnobirthing elements of your yoga sessions really calming and inspiring and have built up my confidence alot, ready for the big day.  Your voice is so soothing, reassuring and informative.”

“I don’t know what you were actually doing on Tuesday night, but you were right by my side while I laboured away, alone in the bath. I cannot describe it in words. You were just there, your voice came out of my subconscious and we did it! What we practised in class got me right to pushing, at which point I screamed, and the midwives came running. Three pushes later he arrived. Thank you, I had the most magical experience and my tiny boy is here safe and well.”

“Thank you so much, I really enjoyed every class in the pregnancy course and I’ve recommended you to many other mums-to-be! So thank you – you are helping so many women.”

“I’ve just had the most relaxing prenatal yoga class with Kat via Zoom, and can thoroughly recommend. After sitting at a desk all day, my back now feels so much better and it felt great to carve out a full hour of me-time” 

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