What’s in the Postnatal Yoga Studio?

WELCOME! Here is an introduction to the classes in my Online Postnatal Yoga Studio.

Each class contains yoga for you, plus a baby yoga section where we focus on movements for the babies, usually linked with song. The movement and rhythm is so important for promoting their brain development and contributes to skills such as language, rhythm and musical skills, reading skills, co-ordination, mind body awareness and confidence. Yoga improves babies’ circulation, improving general health and immunity. It helps aid digestion, relieving and preventing wind and tummy discomfort. The touch, sound and movement is relaxing for babies and you will learn ways to soothe them. Read more about the benefits of Postnatal Mum & Baby yoga for you both via the link below.

The classes have been designed to be taken in the order below (but do not have to be) and each one focuses on a part of the body/energetic aspect working up from the base of your body to your head!

You can take the classes in any order you wish and repeat them again and again.

Even though there is a particular energetic and physical focus to each class, every class contains yoga for your entire body, so you will finish the class feeling fully refreshed!

Postnatal Yoga Class | ‘Earth Connection’ | Feet, Legs, Hips, Lower Back | 53 mins

This class focuses on a theme of Earth. The baby yoga is focused on the feet and legs. For you, we focus on the lower body; feet, legs, hips and lower back.

Poses are grounding, and promote a sense of safety, security and strength. This class will help to tone your pelvic floor and improve core strength.

Postnatal Mum and Baby Yoga Class ‘Sacral Chakra Flow’ | Hips, Pelvis & Lower Back | 58 mins

This class focuses on one of the areas of your body which undergoes the most physical and energetic changes during pregnancy and birth: the pelvis, hips and very low back where the spine meets the pelvis (sacral-illiac area). This class helps to re-stabilise the pelvis, rebalance posture, and melt away aches and pains all around this area.

In the yogic philosophy, a chakra is an energy centre, so as well as physically healing and balancing the sacral area, this yoga class will energetically balance the area too, improving your emotional wellbeing and wholeness.

The baby yoga section of the class focuses on baby’s hips and tummy area, as well as all the usual brain and body developing movements, sound and song.

Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga Class – ‘Manipura’ | Core Strength, Abdominal Toning, Empowerment | 60 mins

This class focuses on the core! All our classes strengthen back, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor, but in this class, we really hone in on the core, physically and energetically. We focus on Manipura Chakra which is the energy centre located in the naval/solar plexus area.

Our baby yoga sequence focuses on baby’s digestion and tummy area. In combination with song, we learn movements that help relieve trapped wind for baby while at the same time promoting their language and rhythm development and making them smile!

‘Express Yourself’ | Shoulders & Neck | 57 mins

Postural changes during pregnancy, plus caring for a new baby can really affect our shoulders and neck causing all sorts of aches and pains. Learn stretches relieve this pain, melt it away and feel free an energised through your neck and shoulders!

Energetically, the throat chakra (energy centre in the neck area) is linked with communication and expressing your needs. This is essential for a new mum and so this class will energetically help you fell able to communicate and express yourself!

Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga Class ‘Mama’s Intuition’ | Full Body Stretch with Balances | 59 mins

‘Mama’s Intuition’ A class inspired by the higher chakras, energy centres located in the head, giving you an energetically uplifting full body stretch.

We do the Full Yogic Breath, which is perfect for relieving feelings of anxiety and to energise you by sending extra oxygen to every cell in your body.

A yoga sequence for babies is included, as well as interactive yoga between the two of you. Experiencing yoga together enhances the beautiful bond between you and your baby!

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