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Online or Face to Face… Your Choice!

If you are located in the Southampton/Portsmouth/Fareham area in Hampshire, UK then you have the choice to join my Face to Face classes as well as partaking online!

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The Online Postnatal Yoga Studio is ideal for new mamas as a flexible way to access postnatal exercise. Yoga is gentle, yet powerfully effective at relieving muscular aches and pains, building core strength and tone, and correcting posture. Yoga helps strengthen and restore your pelvic floor health and allows you to get to know your body again after the miracle of pregnancy and birth.

Interactive yoga between you and your baby keeps baby entertained while promoting their brain development, coordination and mind body awareness. It helps soothe babies, improves their sleep and promotes digestion, among many other benefits.


I’m Kat, a mum of one lively boy, and I’ve been a Yoga and Pilates Teacher for fourteen years. I’ve taught Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation and Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga since near the start of my yoga teaching career.

I specialised in these classes after my son was born in 2017, creating Mama2shape. I’ve taught hundreds of mums-to-be and new mums from my studio on the South Coast of the UK and now I am happy to share yoga with new mamas and their babies all over the world through Online Postnatal Mum and Baby Yoga classes!

I have created the Online Postnatal Yoga Studio for you as a new mama because I know that it is hard to find time for yoga and other kinds of self-care as a new mum! These classes are a perfect activity to enjoy with your baby so you won’t be worrying about keeping them entertained while you work on yourself. You can take the classes any time and fit them around your baby’s schedule.

You can pause, rewind, rewatch, as many times as you like! Just perfect, as we all know that babies can be unpredictable! And even though much of the yoga is interactive, if baby is napping, there is still loads you can get out of the classes on your own.

The classes are suitable from when your baby is six weeks old, and are mainly aimed up until your baby is crawling, but can still be taken once your baby is on the move as they can dip in and out!

I have been a single mum from the start, so it is important to me to be able to make yoga accessible to everyone no matter their financial situation.

My gift to you is unlimited access to my Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga classes anytime in the comfort of your home, for a donation of your choice!

Get Access to the Prenatal & Postnatal Studios

Make a donation and enjoy forever access to my Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga classes! I am so happy to have created them for you!

Suggested donation amounts are below…

Forever Access to the Postnatal Yoga Studio: £19
Forever Access to the Prenatal Yoga Studio: £29
Forever Access to both the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Studios: £39


Please check your email for your links which will be sent out as soon as possible and within twelve hours. If you are gifting the classes to a friend then drop me a line to let me know where I should send the links. Thank you so much and enjoy the classes! Kat xx

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A flowing mix of Yoga and Pilates, perfectly suited to men and women, and excellent to get in shape after pregnancy and birth.

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