Yoga really helped with my pregnancy and birth. I continued to use your dvd and managed my labour using the breathing techniques and staying active. It was a real help! I didn’t end up having any pain relief so I was really pleased! Jo Bailey, Pregnancy Yoga, 2019

These pregnancy yoga classes really help connect with your baby, maintain flexibility and learn breathing techniques. The breathing techniques were helpful during birth to stay relaxed, I breathed through all my contractions and used the ribbon breath taught in the class, I used the pelvic tilts on my birth ball and the combination of these got me to being fully dilated by the time I got to hospital! I am now looking forward to mum and baby yoga classes! Charlotte Stephenson-Hart, Pregnancy Yoga, 2018

I would absolutely recommend the Mama2shape yoga sessions with Kat! Having been doing HIIT workouts prior to pregnancy, I was a bit skeptical in starting yoga as it was so different to what I use to do. I had stopped exercising in my first trimester and knew that going back to HIIT after such a long time would probably not have been the best option, but after reading several blogs and speaking to my midwife I decided to join the Mama2shape yoga sessions. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made as it enables me to relax and enjoy the transformation that my body is going through. Kat concentrates on areas that each of us may be having problems with and keeps the atmosphere very calm and relaxing. I’ll be continuing with the sessions until I pop and hope to join the classes when the little one arrives! Leena Chou, Pregnancy Yoga, 2018

The class helped me relax and connect with my baby more. I’m excited to learn helpful stretches for later in my pregnancy. Lottie, Pregnancy Yoga, 2017

I really enjoyed the classes, they are just the right balance of activities for mum and baby and it was great to learn some new things to do with Herbie. Lucy Green, Mum and Baby Yoga, 2017

Thanks so much for your help in getting to this point I could not have done it without you. Niki Pomeroy, Pregnancy Yoga, 2012

I’m really sure all the breathing helped in labour-in fact it was mostly what I could think about, keep breathing out for longer! [The thing I most enjoyed about the classes was] the chance to relax and breathe well, and do something that would be really beneficial in labour. It was great to have some really helpful techniques to hand and the relaxation exercise at the end of the class each time helped me de-stress and not worry so much about being pregnant/giving birth. My labour was long, and throughout the day and night of contractions when I was just using gas and air as pain relief, I was able to focus better on my breathing as a result of the classes.” Kath Cunningham, Pregnancy Yoga, 2009

I used a lot of the yoga techniques during first stage labour and they were brilliant at keeping me calm, focused and relaxed, so a BIG thank you for that! Rachel Downer, Pregnancy Yoga, 2009

 I really enjoy the class, I feel it’s my time in a busy week to properly relax. Julie Fitzsimmons, Pregnancy Yoga, 2009

Kat’s voice is perfect for relaxations. I always arrive stressed but leave calm and happy. Kate Horner, Pregnancy Yoga, 2009

Lovely and relaxing yoga classes. Would highly recommend to anyone. Rachael Sheffield, Pregnancy Yoga, 2017

I come out [of class] feeling totally relaxed and sleep like a baby. Gemma Stuart, Pregnancy Yoga, 2017

Amazing! I look forward to each session and I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable after. Sophie Butler, Pregnancy Yoga, 2017

I really like your classes. I’ve heard other mums say baby yoga is hard because the babies get bored but yours is totally designed to keep babies happy. I also like how you smile and keep it all light, funny and friendly. Rhonda Ziman, Mum and Baby Yoga, 2011

Kat is a brilliant yoga and pilates instructor and gives so much consideration to your individual requirements and abilities. I have felt much more comfortable in her classes than other pregnancy yoga classes I have attended because I feel confident that she is taking my individual pregnancy niggles (SPD and diastasis recti) into consideration, and don’t feel at a loss as to what I should be doing while the rest of the class is doing exercises that are not suitable for me. I would highly recommend attending Kat’s classes! Susanne Stoneman, Pregnancy Yoga, 2014

I’ve really been enjoying my postnatal yoga classes, it’s something I look forward to every week. It’s a class that I can do with Lottie without it all being about her and makes me feel good and energised after. As the weeks progress I’m also finding that Lottie is getting more from it as well, she seems to be remembering the songs and movements and really enjoying it. Ellen Cory, Mum and Baby Yoga, 2017

Kat is great at teaching the techniques and helping me to de-stress, which has been difficult during pregnancy! Claire Davies, Pregnancy Yoga, 2017

Classes are very useful and relaxing. Vicki Waters, Pregnancy Yoga, 2017

Really enjoyable classes, ideal for first or subsequent pregnancies. I will definitely be using the techniques in labour. Susan OsbournePregnancy Yoga, 2017

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