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I have created this course after teaching Mamas-to-be in my face-to-face Pregnancy Yoga classes for over twelve years. I have planned each class in the course to ensure I fit every movement, stretch and relaxation/breathing practise that I feel will be essential for your comfort in pregnancy and your preparation for birth.

Joining me for Online Prenatal Yoga will give you valuable tools to prepare for an empowered birth, help improve your posture, gently build your strength, melt away aches and pains, and reduce stress, so you feel better today!

Every class gives you a full body stretch, so by the end of each session, you will feel a release of tension all over. Some of the classes also target a particular area of the body, toning and stretching it in more depth. So for example, if you are experiencing achey shoulders, you might do the classes which focus on the shoulder area in detail.

You will learn breathing and visualisation for birth, giving you a toolbox of techniques to help manage pain naturally, and keep you calm and relaxed. It is important to practise these techniques regularly throughout pregnancy so you will be able to call upon them intuitively on the big day!

You can repeat the classes as many times as you like, for as long as you like, so this is wonderful for getting all the breathing, visualisation, and relaxation techniques, plus movements and postures for labour and birth, ingrained deeply, and ready to call upon during the birth process.

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Pregnancy Yoga | Feet, Legs & Pelvic Floor | 60 mins

This class will stretch and strengthen your legs, really useful for an upright, active labour, and to relieve symptoms of ‘restless legs syndrome’ which is very common in pregnancy.

Your feet are the basis of your healthy posture, and even your feet can get affected by pregnancy hormones which soften ligaments. Yoga helps strengthen your feet, keep them supple, and help them maintain their shape.

Yoga also helps boost lymphatic circulation, therefore reducing swollen feet and ankles.

The earthy focus of this class taps energetically into feelings of safety, security, calmness and groundedness. We look at how to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor while also being able to relax and release it, essential for birth.

Pregnancy Yoga | Hips & Lower Back | 55 mins

Pregnancy yoga video, prenatal yoga, birth preparation, breathing for labour

The hips, the pelvis and the sacral area, which is at your very low back, are subjected to huge physical and energetic shifts during pregnancy and birth! These areas can tighten uncomfortably during pregnancy, as the joints in the pelvis become more lax, ready for birth.

Movements and stretches to soothe your lower back, and release tension from your hips, will promote your comfort during pregnancy, help you find freedom of movement in labour, and make upright birthing positions more accessible for your body.

Pregnancy Yoga | Core Strength in Pregnancy | 55 mins

This class teaches you how to strengthen your core in a safe way during pregnancy.

Though we want certain muscles of the abdomen to be soft to allow your bump to grow, other muscles offer many benefits when they are toned and strong, such as supporting your baby bump and helping you birth your baby.

Back strength is essential, as is good tone and circulation in your pelvic floor. These muscles work together to support your healthy posture.

Energetically your core is the sunshine in your body, the ‘powerhouse’ that keeps you going. This class will get you motivated!

Pregnancy Yoga | Shoulders, Back & Chest | 60 mins

Online Pregnancy and Prenatal Yoga

This class focuses on your upper body, melting away back and shoulder tension. Breathe deep, improve lung capacity (especially good when baby is invading your rib cage!) which helps to relieve anxiety, lift your mood and nourish your heart emotionally.

The energetic focus is heart , tuning in to your loving and blossoming mothering heart with a baby bonding mediation and deep relaxation.

Pregnancy Yoga | Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back | 55 mins

Pregnancy yoga video, prenatal yoga, birth preparation, breathing for labour

This class will help soothe your achey shoulders and neck! Your posture is affected by your growing bump and this, plus many other reasons cause tension in the neck and shoulders. Yoga is a wonderful tool to melt this away!

Energetically, the throat area is associated with sound, and our ability to communicate effectively. As a mama-to-be and a new mum, it is essential to be able to communicate your needs, as well as effectively gain social support and discourse. Energetic balance in the neck and throat area is therefore so important, and so stretches to help clear away tension and blocked energy are perfect during pregnancy!

Pregnancy Yoga | Balance & Connection | 50 mins

This is a dreamy, uplifting class, focusing on balance, with a strongly grounding finish, to leave you feeling a supreme sense of peace along with safety and security in your body and mind.

Energetically we connect with the higher energy centres of the body, located in the head which form your attunement with others and your intuition. An empowered birth is absolutely all about following your intuition, and so is the connection and bond you will form with your beautiful new baby!

Pregnancy Yoga | Sun Class | 60 mins

Join the Mama2shape Mamas-to-be for this 60 minute class with a real community feel!

It is a toning, energising, challenging and uplifting Pregnancy Yoga class that will give your whole body a deep and delicious stretch!

Pregnancy Yoga | Moon Class | 45 mins

Join me and my beautiful assistant who is pregnant with twins, for this calm and soothing Pregnancy Yoga class. Every area of your body will get a stretch, and you will learn how to safely soften and open your hip area. This is excellent in preparation for birth, and to help relieve tension and discomfort that can commonly occur around the hips, pelvis and very low back during pregnancy.

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