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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

WELCOME! I’m Kat! A mum of one rambunctious three year old, and a Yoga and Pilates Teacher for fourteen years!

Since my son was born in 2017 I have specialised in Pregnancy Yoga, Birth Preparation and Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga.

My passion is to help you feel amazing during your pregnancy, and prepare you for a calm and active labour, leading to an empowered, positive birth experience.

Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation at home. Many of the Mamas-to-be that I taught in-person, expressed an interest in having classes they could do at home. Now, I have created a complete Online Pregnancy Yoga course for Mamas-to-be in their 2nd or 3rd trimester.

Enjoy these classes in the convenience of your own home at a time to suit you. When creating each video, I have aimed for a sense of ease, comfort and homeliness to make you feel like I am right beside you, supporting you all the way!

They will give you powerful tools to prepare your body for birth, naturally manage pain during labour, maintain perfect posture, soothe and strengthen your body and mind and help feel your best at this precious time.  

Online Prenatal Yoga Course

  • A course of six full-length (50-60 mins) Pregnancy Yoga classes. Build on what you learnt in the class before, and complete the classes at your own pace.
  • An hour long bonus class.
  • Extra information on how to get the most out of your pregnancy yoga practice, including tips on how to make Yoga safe and beneficial if you are experiencing Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP).
  • Watch every video again as many times as you wish!

The Full-Length Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes…

Pregnancy Yoga Class One | Feet, Legs and Pelvic Floor | 60 mins

Feet are the basis of healthy posture, and even your feet can get affected by pregnancy hormones which soften ligaments (needed for the pelvis to be ready for birth). Fallen arches having a knock-on effect to your entire body, plus swollen feet and ankles causing all sorts of discomfort.

Your legs need a stretch too! They are carrying around you AND your growing baby! We will strengthen them ready for an active labour.

The earthy focus of this class taps energetically into feelings of safety, security, calmness and groundedness. We look at how to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor while also being able to relax and release it, essential for birth.

Pregnancy Yoga Class Two | Hips & Lower Back | 55 mins
Pregnancy yoga video, prenatal yoga, birth preparation, breathing for labour

The hips, the pelvis and the sacral area, which is at your very low back, are subjected to huge physical and energetic shifts during pregnancy and birth! These areas can tighten uncomfortably during pregnancy, as the joints in the pelvis become more lax, ready for birth.

Movements and stretches to soothe your lower back, and release tension from your hips, will promote your comfort during pregnancy, help you find freedom of movement in labour, and make upright birthing positions more accessible for your body.

Pregnancy Yoga Class Three | Core Strength in Pregnancy | 55 mins

Strengthen your core in a safe way during pregnancy. Though we want certain muscles of the abdomen to be soft to allow your bump to grow, others offer many benefits when they are toned and strong, such as supporting your baby bump and helping you birth your baby. Back strength is essential, as is strength, tone and good circulation in the pelvic floor. These muscles work together to support your healthy posture and this in turn reduces pregnancy aches and pains.

Energetically your core is the sunshine in your body, the powerhouse that keeps you going. This class will get you motivated!

Pregnancy Yoga Class Four | Shoulders, Back, Chest & Heart | 60 mins

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Online Pregnancy and Prenatal Yoga

This class focuses on your upper body, melting away back and shoulder tension. Breathe deep, improve lung capacity (especially good when baby is invading your rib cage!) which helps to relieve anxiety, lift your mood and nourish your heart emotionally.

The energetic focus is heart , tuning in to your loving and blossoming mothering heart with a baby bonding mediation and deep relaxation.

Pregnancy Yoga Class Five | Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back | 55 mins
Pregnancy yoga video, prenatal yoga, birth preparation, breathing for labour

Stretches to soothe away tension from your upper body. Your growing bump can throw your posture out, causing you to round your shoulders too much (this can also happen if you have a desk job, caring for other children and general strains of daily life!) This class will remedy that!

Energetically, the throat area is associated with sound, and our ability to communicate effectively. As a mama-to-be and a new mum, it is essential to be able to communicate your needs as well as effectively gain social support and discourse. Energetic balance in the neck and throat area is therefore so important, and of course, so is relieving the neck, shoulder and upper-back aches that are part and parcel of pregnancy and new motherhood!

Pregnancy Yoga Class Six | Neck, Shoulders, Balance and Connection | 50 mins

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This is a dreamy, uplifting class, focusing on balance, with a strongly grounding finish, to leave you feeling a supreme sense of peace along with safety and security in your body and mind.

Energetically we connect with the higher energy centres of the body, located in the head which form your attunement with others and your intuition. An empowered birth is absolutely all about following your intuition, and so is the connection and bond you will form with your beautiful new baby!

Pregnancy Yoga Bonus Class | Sun Class | 60 mins

Join the Mama2shape Mamas-to-be for this 60 minute class with a real community feel! It is an energising, uplifting and fairly strong class with a lovely relaxation at the end.

Want to try a class first?

Here are some little tasters… a thirty-five minute Pregnancy Yoga class suitable for mamas-to-be in their second and third trimesters, and an eleven minute deep relaxation.

I would love to hear from you!

Prenatal and postnatal yoga

Kat x