BENEFITS of Pregnancy Yoga


I’m Kat, a mum of one lively boy, and I’ve been a Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Mum and Baby Yoga for fifteen years!

I’ve taught hundreds of mums-to-be and new mums in person, and now I am happy to share yoga with you through Online Pregnancy Yoga classes!

I’ve created a Prenatal Yoga Studio to keep your body strong and supple, with good posture, and great pelvic floor health throughout pregnancy… and beyond!

Pregnancy Yoga boosts your physical and emotional wellness at this incredible time!

Each Pregnancy Yoga class contains safe-for-pregnancy movements and stretches.

Breathing, visualisation and hypnobirthing techniques can be used for natural pain management and to keep you calm and relaxed in labour.

💙 Feel amazing during pregnancy…

The hips, the pelvis and the sacral area, which is at your very low back, are subjected to huge physical and energetic shifts during pregnancy and birth! These areas can tighten uncomfortably during pregnancy, as the joints in the pelvis become more lax, ready for birth.

Prenatal yoga will help release muscular and emotional tension from your body, relieving general aches and pains as well as reducing back, shoulder and hip pain.

Yoga helps you improve and maintain good posture (even as your bump grows bigger), and improves the flexibility and tone of your muscles, reducing strain on your body. Practising yoga during pregnancy can help reduce pregnancy niggles such as discomfort caused by symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), sciatica, restless legs, indigestion and breathlessness.

Your circulation is improved, leading to better immune function, more energy and overall health and wellness.

Pregnancy Yoga and Prenatal Yoga, Antenatal Yoga, Birth Preparation in Locks Heath, near Park Gate, Whiteley, Fareham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Hampshire,

💙 Relieve anxiety and promote happiness…

When you do yoga, you are effectively meditating! You are focusing on your movement, breath, sensations in your body and how each of these are linked. This kind of mindfulness is scientifically proven to create a sense of mental peace and tranquility which will you will experience whilst practising the yoga, and also once you leave the mat and go about your daily life.

Deep guided relaxation and visualisations with positive affirmations allow you to bond with your unborn baby, take some time to nurture yourself, and experience delicious moments of peace.

💙 Feel empowered during labour and birth…

In general, yoga gifts you with a heightened sense of awareness of your body. If you practise yoga regularly, you become aware of ways to move which help meet a need for your body. This is true for Pregnancy Yoga, and so increasing your intuitive awareness of your body, your pelvic floor, and your posture will help you feel in touch with your body and empowered during the enormous physical event that is labour and birth. In many Pregnancy Yoga classes, including mine, tips for an active labour and birth are given throughout, along with movements and positions that help get baby into optimal position for ease of birth and keep labour progressing. You will learn breathing, visualisation and hypno-birthing techniques to use during labour for pain management and to allow you to enter a calm, relaxed and blissful state.

💙 Better postnatal recovery…

An antenatal yoga practice helps you develop a stronger and more supple body which will cope better during labour, birth and postnatal recovery. Simply practising yoga will tone your pelvic floor and you will also learn specific exercises to achieve this. A toned pelvic floor will recover more quickly after the pressure of pregnancy and birth. Yes, it is not just birth that damages the pelvic floor, but the weight of carrying the baby too. that is why even women who have given birth abdominally can still experience pelvic floor issues such as incontinence following pregnancy. Just a little anecdote, my baby was 10lb 1oz, born vaginally, and I have had NO problems with my pelvic floor. I put this down to the power of YOGA!

Through yoga, and the increased awareness you will gain of your body (and specifically in my classes where we cover this) you will learn how to relax your pelvic floor, which is essential for birthing your baby.  

Prenatal yoga

I believe that Prenatal Yoga is one of the best things you can do during pregnancy for yourself and your baby, and will promote your physical and emotional wellness at this incredible, transformative and precious time!

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