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I’m Kat, a Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teacher for fifteen years, and I have created an Online Postnatal Mum & Baby Yoga Course that you can you can do at home, around yours and your baby’s schedule.

These online classes will help you find time and space to unwind, relieve muscular aches and pains, relax, breathe, build core strength, find correct posture, strengthen and restore your pelvic floor health and stretch your entire body.

Interactive yoga with your baby is fun for you both, and promotes their brain development, coordination and mind body awareness.

Baby yoga sequences are fun and soothing for babies and promote their development and health, including digestion, circulation, immunity, sleep, and coordination.

The classes are suitable from when your baby is six weeks old, and are mainly aimed up until your they are crawling, but can still be taken once your baby is on the move, as they can dip in and out!

You can pause, rewind, rewatch, as many times as you like!

This is a flexible way to access postnatal exercise and you can make time for yourself, your wonderful body and your new baby.

You can even use the studios with future babies!

Please get signed off by your doctor or midwife before beginning post-birth exercise.

Postnatal Yoga Studio

Six hour long HD video classes focusing progressively on each part of the body for you and baby.

Yoga for you, baby yoga sequences, and interactive yoga for you both together.

Tailored to suit all levels.

Suitable from six weeks post-birth onwards.

Includes membership to our private Facebook community.

Unlimited Access! £19

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Course Content

Class One | Earth Connection | Feet, Legs, Hips, Lower Back | 53 mins

Focus on the feet, legs, hips and lower back, and a baby yoga sequence for their feet.

Tone your pelvic floor and improve core strength. Poses are grounding, and promote a sense of safety, security and strength.

Class Two | Sacral Chakra Flow | Hips, Pelvis & Lower Back | 58 mins

Re-stabilise the pelvis, rebalance posture, and melt away aches and pains around the lower back and hips.

Baby yoga for baby’s hips and tummy.

Class Three | Manipura | Core Strength, Abdominal Toning, Empowerment | 60 mins

Deep focus on toning your core!

Baby yoga focuses on baby’s digestion and tummy area. Prevent colic, trapped wind and constipation.

Class Four | Anahata (Heart Centre) | Chest & Shoulders | 60 mins

Breathe deeper by increasing suppleness in your chest and upper back.

Relieve shoulder tension.

Baby yoga focuses on their chest and arms.

Class Five | Express Yourself | Shoulders & Neck | 57 mins

Melt it away tension in your neck and shoulders!

Energetically balance your throat area which is linked with communication and expressing your needs.

Baby yoga for their chest and shoulder area.

Class Six | Mama’s Intuition | Full Body Stretch with Balances | 59 min

An energetically uplifting full body stretch.

Full Yogic Breathing relieves feelings of anxiety and sends extra oxygen to every cell in your body.

Baby yoga to enhance your special bond.

Save £9!

Get UNLIMITED access to BOTH the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Studios £39

When you purchase the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Studios, you agree to the Terms of Booking. You will be emailed a link to the Studios. Thank you and enjoy!

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Prenatal and postnatal yoga

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