Yoga for Windy Weather!

Wow, here on the South Coast of the UK it has been SO windy lately!

Yes, wind can affect your mood, and there are many tales of extreme windy weather rousing children into a state of hyperactivity and making adults feel unsettled, anxious, scattered and snappy!

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The effect of the wind can be so extreme that in the Mediterranean, a warm humid wind called The Sirocco has such an impact on behaviour that once upon a time, crimes committed during that time would carry a shorter sentence!

And the famous Santa Ana winds in California are well known for wreaking havoc on people’s mood and behaviour!

Although it is hard to get experts to agree on the science behind it (some say positively-charged electrons cause irritability and compulsive behaviour), it is obvious that energies are changed by the howling wind. You may be especially affected if you have a Vata constitution, or the Vata element of your constitution gets easily unbalanced. Find out more about your Ayervedic Constitution here.

What can we do to feel better in these windy times?

First of all, if you have kids, take them to nearest field and let them have a really good run!

As always, self-care is so important. Take some time for yourself. Give yourself permission to slow down, cuddle up on the couch and watch a feel good movie.

Put aside some time for some deep relaxation, even if it is only 5 minutes.

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Find an audio relaxation on YouTube, or simply lie down, take some deep breaths, and imagine your body melting into the earth.

Make time for some grounding yoga… more on that later…

Choose earthy colours to wear, such as brown, mustard yellow or dark red. Bright red can increase energy, but if the wind is leaving you feeling depleted, then maybe that is what you need. A rich, bright yellow can also lift your mood. If you haven’t got these colours to wear, then find a way to surround yourself with them.

Enjoy some ginger tea and eat root vegetables. Root vegetables such as ginger, carrots, sweet potatoes, beetroot and swede all grow in the earth and therefore have the qualities and energy of earth, helping you to feel grounded. 

Dig out the paints, craft paper, crayons or coloured pencils and create something beautiful in earthy and uplifting colours. Choose colours you feel drawn to and this will have a positive affect on your energy and mood.

So back to that grounding yoga. Yes, that’s where I come in with this week’s short Yoga Class, which will help you connect more energetically with the earth, plus slow down and breathe more deeply.

Be kind to yourself! And please do subscribe to my channel on YouTube, Kat Sara Yoga. I will be posting loads of free short classes for you to enjoy!


Kat xx

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