Is Baby Breech?

At your appointment, your midwife will feel your tummy to see which position your baby is in. They may say that the baby is ‘breech’. What does this mean? Well, optimal foetal position for birth, is baby lying with it’s head down near your pelvis, and it’s spine curved outwards towards your belly. Breech means … More Is Baby Breech?

Baby Massage after jabs?

This question came up recently in our Baby Massage class. Why is it not recommended to massage your baby following their vaccinations? And what should you do if your infant massage class falls within 24 hours of your baby’s jabs? Baby massage boosts circulation. As you can imagine, this brings increased oxygen and nutrients all … More Baby Massage after jabs?

Yoga for Toddlers: creating healthy minds and bodies.

Recent studies show children to be more inactive and to experience more stress and mental health issues than in previous years. Society’s reliance on technology has been blamed, and whatever the reason, as a school teacher I have certainly noticed that children are lacking developmentally in physical areas such as fine and gross motor-skills as well … More Yoga for Toddlers: creating healthy minds and bodies.