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I’m Kat, a Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga Teacher for fifteen years, and I have created an Online Pregnancy Yoga course that you can take in your own time, at your own pace!

I’m will help you strengthen and soothe every area of your body through yoga, and prepare your body for birth to promote an empowered and positive birth experience!

Breathing, visualisation and hypnobirthing techniques keep you calm and provide natural pain management in labour.

Prenatal Yoga Studio

Approximately ten hours of content and classes to be enjoyed and repeated at your convenience.

Six class course of HD pregnancy yoga videos where you will progressively focus on each area of the body, plus deep relaxations and breathing for labour.

Three bonus classes.

Seven downloadable audio tracks to use in labour and to support your practise of the guided relaxations, breathing and hypnobirthing techniques.

Prepare your body for an active labour and positive birth experience.

Tailored to suit all levels.

Suitable for second and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Includes membership to our private Facebook community.

Unlimted Access £39

When you purchase the Prenatal Yoga Studio you agree to the Terms of Booking. You will be sent an email with the link to the Studio. Thank you, and enjoy!

Course Content

Class One | Foundations | Legs, Hips & Lower Back | 58 mins

Build strength in your legs, ease tight hips and relieve back pain.

Feel secure, safe, calm and grounded.

Pregnancy yoga video, prenatal yoga, birth preparation, breathing for labour

Class Two | Flow | Hips & Lower Back | 55 mins

Soothe your lower back, and release tension from your hips, removing aches and pains!

Prepare for birth by improving your suppleness to allow freedom of movement in labour, and access upright birthing positions.

Class Three | Core Strength in Pregnancy | 55 mins

Strengthen your core safely during pregnancy.

Online Pregnancy and Prenatal Yoga

Class 4 | Shoulders, Back & Chest | 60 mins

Breathe deep, to improve lung capacity, boost your energy, relieve anxiety and lift your mood.

Relieve shoulder tension.

Pregnancy yoga video, prenatal yoga, birth preparation, breathing for labour

Class Five | Neck, Shoulders & Upper Back | 55 mins

Soothe your achey shoulders and neck!

Find energetic balance in the neck and throat area helping you communicate your needs.

Class 6 | Balance & Connection | 50 mins

Find a supreme sense of peace along with safety and security in your body and mind.

Connect with your intuition and improve mind/body awareness, leading to a more empowered birth experience.

Bonus Class | Sun | 60 mins

Join the Mama2shape Mamas-to-be!

It is a toning, energising and uplifting Pregnancy Yoga class that will give your whole body a deep and delicious stretch!

Bonus Class | Moon | 45 mins

A calming, soothing Pregnancy Yoga class. Every area of your body will get a stretch, and you will learn how to safely soften and open your hip area. Includes a yoga nidra deep relaxation.

Bonus Class | Sciatica & Hip Pain Relief | 29 mins

During pregnancy, irritation of the sciatic nerve is common as the pelvic joints loosen and muscles tighten up. This causes pain in the legs and very low back. This class relaxes the hips and buttocks and increases suppleness and circulation to the area, reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve and therefore relieving pain caused by sciatica.

As a deep stretch for buttocks, hips and lower back this class is also great for anyone wanting to feel freedom and a reduction in tension in these areas!

Downloadable Audio Tracks with Breathing, Relaxation and Hypnobirthing Techniques

Full Yogic Breathing in Pregnancy | 8 mins

Energise, uplift, feel calm and relieve anxiety with this deep breathing technique.

Relaxing Ribbon Breath | 7.5 mins

A powerful natural pain management technique for use in labour.

Peaks and Valleys Visualisation | 10.5 minutes

Hypnobirthing visualisation and breathing for natural pain management, stamina and relaxation in labour.

Ocean Waves Visualisation | 7.5 mins

Hypnobrthing visualisation to enter a calm and centered place and to breathe through labour.

Ujaii Breath | 8.5 mins

Invoke inner strength. Calm and energise your body.

Short Yoga Nidra Relaxation for Pregnancy | 11 mins

Deep guided relaxation to increase your energy levels, reduce anxiety, and promote peaceful feelings!

Baby Bonding Yoga Nidra Relaxation | 12.5 mins

Deep guided relaxation to rejuvenate your body and mind. Connect emotionally with your baby.

Get UNLIMITED access to BOTH the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Studios! £39

When you purchase the Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Studios, you agree to the Terms of Booking. You will be emailed a link to the Studios. Thank you and enjoy!

Online Pregnancy Yoga

See the reviews and testimonials for some of my previous clients’ beautiful birth stories, and find out about how Mama2shape Pregnancy Yoga has helped them.

See the gallery for images of my gorgeous clients enjoying pregnancy yoga and mum and baby yoga classes and find out what you will be doing at home with Online Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Studios!

I can’t wait to share Pregnancy Yoga with you too, and I look forward to hearing how yoga and hypnobirthing helped with your pregnancy and birth experience!

Enjoy the classes!

Kat xx

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Prenatal and postnatal yoga

Kat x

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