Meet our Baby Massage Instructors

We have two tremendous Baby Massage Instructors at Mama2shape! Jelena has been teaching for us since March 2018, and Lynn joined our team in July 2019. I had a super chat with each of these lovely ladies, so I could find out more about them and so they could help enlighten us as to whyContinue reading “Meet our Baby Massage Instructors”

Yoga for Toddlers: creating healthy minds and bodies.

Recent studies show children to be more inactive and to¬†experience more stress and mental health issues than in previous years. Society’s reliance on technology has been blamed, and whatever the reason, as a school teacher I have certainly noticed that children are lacking developmentally in physical areas such as fine and gross motor-skills as wellContinue reading “Yoga for Toddlers: creating healthy minds and bodies.”

Who can benefit from Pilates?

Pilates is amazing for Postnatal Women Pilates is a great way to tone up, especially postnatally (Did you know, the postnatal period can last up to two years?!) Pilates helps to tone safely from the inside out, strengthening core and postural muscles that support the spine and relieve strain in other muscle groups. Great careContinue reading “Who can benefit from Pilates?”